Choosing a Design


A piece about 7×7 cm will be
15,000 yen.
A piece about 12×12 cm will be
40,000 yen.
A full back piece will be
300,000 yen.
WABORI   1 hours 10,000円  
HORITADA’s case by Machine 3 hours 20,000円 (negotiable)
  by Hand 3 hours 20,000円  
One-point about 7×7 cm will be   15,000円~  
about 12×12 cm will be   40,000円~  

There is also that price changes in the contents of the size and treatment.
Please contact us so estimates are free.
You further detail guide you if came to the shop.

First use

  1. Send us an email regarding the day and time you would like to meet.
  2. Once we have met we can get an idea of the design you are looking for. We can either make an original design for you or you can look through some designs already drawn up and choose one from those. Feel free to bring a design of your own, but since we pride ourselves on our own designs we may alter what you have brought to add a little of our own flavor to it. At this point we will ask for a nonrefundable design fee of 5,000 yen.
  3. Once the design has been created we will get in touch with you. After you come back to the studio you can check everything out. It is at this time we can make alterations to suit your tastes. After any alterations have been made we can proceed with the tattooing.

※Please note:The consumption of alcohol the day before or lack of sleep will lead to greater pain and prevent the color from taking as brilliantly. We would like you to be well rested and in a proper state of mind when you come for tattooing.

Ineligible customers
We will refuse service to the following people.

  • minors under the age of 18 (we may ask to see ID to prove your age)
  • those who have serious heart or major organ illnesses, those who are prone to seizures or who have a contagious disease like Hepatitis C
  • those who are pregnant

After you have come to the studio and are ready to get tattooed we will ask you to sign a contract to ensure no misunderstanding.

The design deposit of 5,000 yen is nonrefundable. If you are unable to make an appointment we urge you to contact us in advance.

We disinfect all equipment after every session and only use needles once. After tattooing is finished we will provide advice and material for aftercare.

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